How Obesity is Treated?

Obesity is a prevalent condition affecting many individuals today, and its management requires a combination of various factors, including proper nutrition, physical exercise, and lifestyle changes.

Guided by the specialized physicians at Physiomed, a comprehensive medical history is taken, and all necessary examinations are conducted to enable our dietitian to design a personalized dietary program.

This program is tailored to each individual, as it is based on the patient’s personality, psychology, and lifestyle, including work schedule, hobbies, family, social obligations, and daily routine.

At the Physiomed clinic, we begin with the fundamental assessment, the ‘Body Composition Analysis,’ performed using a ‘Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis’ (BIA) device. This examination allows us to evaluate the internal composition of the body, gathering information about its constituents. Specifically, we measure:

  1. Total body fat
  2. Muscle mass
  3. Body hydration levels (not only overall, but also the ratio of intracellular and extracellular fluids)
  4. Basal metabolic rate

Additionally, the bioenergetic test is often beneficial, among other things, for detecting imbalances in trace elements and vitamins. Certain hematological examinations may also be necessary (to rule out hormonal or other disorders).

In specific cases, we may recommend DNA testing (genetic testing for obesity) or intolerance testing for foods (via blood draw). In severe cases of obesity, a 24-hour monitoring of blood pressure and oxygen saturation might be required, along with an assessment of respiratory function through spirometry.

What are the goals of the Obesity Treatment;

Our approach aims to address obesity comprehensively and tailor interventions to individual needs and characteristics, promoting holistic health and well-being.

Our goals for addressing obesity are as follows:

  • ● Fat loss and preservation of muscle mass
  • ● Detoxification from foods that block metabolism and cause gastrointestinal disorders
  • ● Acceleration of metabolism
  • ● Improvement of energy, well-being of each individual, and fortification of their health
  • ● Maintenance of weight loss through the patient’s dietary education

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