What is the Therapeutic Massage?

The therapeutic massage is a complete treatment, which is aimed at relieving pain and restoring optimal body function. At Physiomed, this specialized method of therapy is individually tailored to each patient’s needs, seeking to improve muscle tone and increase flexibility. The therapeutic massage can be applied as a separate treatment or in combination with other methods, providing holistic relief and well-being.

In contrast to the relaxation massage, the therapeutic massage combines various massage styles that can be applied based on each patient’s individual needs. These massage styles are designed to aid in the recovery from an injury or manage chronic conditions. The physiotherapists at Physiomed will customize each session according to your specific requirements.

What are the benefits of the Therapeutic Massage?

Discover the benefits of the therapeutic massage and indulge yourselves in this treatment that will enhance your life quality. The benefits of the therapeutic massage include:

  • ● Improvement of blood circulation
  • ● Relaxation of the nervous system and neural tissues
  • ● Control of anxiety and stress
  • ● Relief from muscle pain
  • ● Sense of well-being