What is the Thalassotherapy?

Thalassotherapy is a complete form of treatment that includes body peeling, intense gluteal massage and a seaweed-based mud mask. This mask is rich in minerals, vitamins, precious elements, and iodine, with enhanced slimming and detoxifying properties.

The goal of this therapy is to rejuvenate and restore the skin’s elasticity by improving blood circulation and toning the cells. Body peeling removes dead cells while it simultaneously smooths the skin’s texture.

What are the benefits of the thalassotherapy?

With the intense gluteal massage, thalassotherapy achieves decongestion by increasing tissue oxygenation. In combination with the specially designed mask, the treatment offers numerous benefits:

  • ● Production of collagen and elastin
  • ● Deep hydration and revitalization of the skin
  • ● High content of trace elements and bioactive ingredients from seaweed
  • ● Stimulation of cellular metabolism
  • ● Reduction of fluid retention
  • ● Lipolytic, slimming and antioxidant properties
  • ● Eradication of cellulite
  • ● Prevention against ageing concerns
  • ● Deep exfoliation of the skin
  • ● Local thickness reduction
  • ● Renewal of the face and body
  • ● Soft and moisturized skin

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