What is the Sports Massage?

As a part of the Sports Medicine and Athletes’ Support services offered by Physiomed’s Medical Clinic, sports massage plays a crucial role. This form of massage is primarily targeted towards athletes and individuals who experience musculoskeletal issues.

The purpose of the sports massage is to aid athletes and those engaged in rigorous activities, forming an integral part of their routine. Through this massage, muscles expel toxins and relax the tense areas of the body. It also helps to prevent injuries or facilitates recovery.

In general, sports massage is adapted and performed before, during or after the athletic activities, providing a personalized experience based on the athlete’s needs and goals.

Physiomed’s physiotherapists utilize techniques to create myoperitoneal unlocking, thus, enabling individuals to move freely, improve flexibility and enhance mobility.

What are the benefits of the sports massage?

The advantages of the sports massage include:

  • ● Reduction of muscle tension
  • ● Counteraction of the effects of stress on muscles
  • ● Enhancement of the circulatory system
  • ● Improvement of muscle function by ensuring that they receive oxygen and nutrients when needed
  • ● Increased endurance
  • ● Unrestricted movement
  • ● Enhancement of flexibility and mobility
  • ● Injury prevention
  • ● Rehabilitation