What is the Special Hand Care?

The special hand care is a comprlete treatment that combines exfoliation, hydration and massage, in order to elevate your skin’s condition.

This session enhances the removal of dead cells and revitalizes the skin of your hands. The unique combination of exfoliation, massage and the moisturizing mask contributes to maintaining the skin’s natural moisture, providing nourishment and softness. Muscles and tissues relax, offering a sense of relief and well-being to our bodies’ tired extremities.

Choose this treatment and enjoy the exceptional care which is offered by Physiomed for your hands, by simultaneously enhancing your skin and providing deep nourishment and a sense of well-being!

What are the benefits of the therapy?

The benefits of the hand care treatment include:

  • ● A sense of relief and well-being
  • ● Deep nourishment and softness
  • ● Reduction of stress and swelling
  • ● Absorption of nutrients from the skin
  • ● Removal of dead cells