What is the pouch massage?

Experience the ultimate relaxation at Physiomed with our aromatic herbal pouch massage . Our skilled therapists use specially designed sachets filled with herbs and aromatic oils to provide you with a massage that helps relieve tension. The herbal collection aids in relaxing the body and opening the respiratory pathways. The application of pressure with warm compresses, synchronized with lymphatic circulation, offers an incredible sense of comfort and rejuvenation.

What are the benefits of  pouch massage?

Choose this specific treatment within a beautifully constructed and relaxing environment that offers rejuvenation and complete harmony. The benefits it provides include:

  • ● Reduction of anxiety and stress
  • ● Improvement of blood circulation
  • ● Metabolism activation
  • ● Herbs infused with essential oils promote oxygenation, eliminating the lactic acid and aiding in body detoxification
  • ● Removal of toxins from the skin
  • ● Enhancement of vitality and skin appearance