What is the Paraffin Hand Care?

The Paraffin hand care is a therapeutic method, which is applied to either the hands or feet, to make the skin smooth and soft. It is used for pain relief and hand hydration. Paraffin, a warm wax, is applied to your hands. This process transfuses moisture while continually increases skin hydration levels, even after the treatment is complete. The paraffin dries and is subsequently removed, leaving your hands soft.

It is also important to be mentioned that paraffin functions as a thermal therapy, promoting blood circulation, relaxing hand muscles and enhancing
joint flexibility.

What are the benefits of the Paraffin Hand Care?

At Physiomed, our ‘Paraffin Hand Care’ service provides a therapeutic process for your hands, aiming for you to experience the beneficial qualities of the treatment, such as:

  • ● Relief from joint pain and enhancement of mobility
  • ● Joint relaxation and improvement of flexibility
  • ● Simultaneous hydration and soothing of dry, cracked skin
  • ● Formation of an additional layer, preserving the skin’s natural oils
  • ● Anti-inflammatory action for the hands
  • ● Removal of dead skin cells