What is Lymphatic Massage – Cellulite Massage?

At Physiomed, we provide massage and wellness services aimed at revitalizing the body. Lymphatic massage is a gentle form of massage that enhances the circulation of lymphatic fluids around the body. More specifically, the fluids assist in the removal of toxins and unwanted substances from the body’s tissues. The lymphatic massage has been proven beneficial for individuals dealing with lymphedema, fibromyalgia, and other conditions. This treatment cleanses and rejuvenates the tissues, strengthens the immune system and reduces cellulite and fluid retention.

The cellulite massage is a therapy designed to reduce and eliminate cellulite from affected areas. This treatment targets the breakdown of underlying fat in the affected regions, while it simultaneously improves blood circulation to revitalize the desired areas. The specialized techniques used by the therapist help dissolve fat and deal with the appearance of orange peel skin on the epidermis.

What are the benefits of the therapy?

Experience the benefits of lymphatic massage – cellulite massage to achieve the necessary relief and well-being for your body and skin. The reasons to choose this type of massage include:

  • ● Specialized techniques for fat dissolution and toxin elimination
  • ● Increased blood circulation to enhance connective tissue
  • ● Reduction in cellulite appearance and edema
  • ● Improvement in skin elasticity and texture
  • ● Fast and visible results from the very first sessions