What is the Hot Honey Massage?

The Hot Honey Massage is a great holistic treatment that offers immense benefits for both the body and the spirit. At Physiomed, we understand the importance of caring for your body, providing a deeply invigorating massage with the therapeutic properties of honey and aromatic elements that leave your skin hydrated, radiant and silky.

What are the benefits of hot honey massage?

Combine the exquisite sensation of massage with the precious ingredients of honey for the ultimate relaxation and harmony in a beautifully designed space! The potent anti-inflammatory action of honey contributes beneficially to the body, enhancing its functions. You should avail yourselves of all the therapeutic advantages of a Hot Honey Massage, as it offers:

  • ● Improvement of skin elasticity
  • ● Reduction of cellulite
  • ● Removal of dead skin cells
  • ● Relief, well-being and a sense of relaxation
  • ● Smooth lymphatic and nervous system function
  • ● Enhancement of blood circulation and thermal regulation of the skin
  • ● Relief from muscle pain