What is the Four-Handed Massage?

At Physiomed, we offer a unique therapy,also known as the four-handed massage. During this treatment, two therapists work on the patient using synchronized movements. This experience equates to receiving two full-body massages simultaneously.

The therapists’ coordinated motions have a beneficial impact on both the body and the mind, providing relaxation and a sense of rejuvenation and well-being.

What are the benefits of the Four-Handed Massage?

The combination of the massage techniques and the synchronized movements leads to the harmony of the body needs, offering multiple benefits, such as:

  • ● Relief from pain
  • ● Improvement in blood circulation
  • ● Muscle empowerment
  • ● Dealing with sleep issues
  • ● Enhancement of mental well-being
  • ● Deep relaxation, reduction of anxiety
  • ● Sense of overall well-being