What is Firming Anti-Edema Therapy?

Experience the rejuvenating results of firming – anti edema therapy at Physiomed. This technique focuses on reducing flaccidity and swelling in specific areas, providing you with a holistic experience. After a relaxing massage, specially-shaped compression wraps infused with cold therapy liquid are applied on these areas, promoting relief and skin tightening.

At Physiomed, our aim is to improve lymphatic circulation and alleviate swelling, contributing to a healthier body. Our friendly and relaxing environment ensures a complete and guided process by our specialized physical therapists, as your well-being is our top priority.

What are the benefits of the Firming Anti-Edema Therapy?

Firming – Anti-edema therapy offers a range of benefits to enhance your well-being:

  • ● Improvement of the epidermal flaccidity, enhancing skin elasticity and tightening
  • ● Reduction of swelling and dealing with puffiness in specific areas to a great extent
  • ● Management of excessive fluid retention, maintaining a healthier fluid balance
  • ● Detoxification, leaving a revitalizing sensation by removing toxins
  • ● Increased blood circulation, enhancing the overall health
  • ● Relief from pain or discomfort caused by swelling or fluid retention
  • ● Reduction of inflammation
  • ● Enhancement of well-being with a profound sense of revitalization