What is the Eye Treatment?

The area around the eyes is a crucial focal point of our face and can significantly impact on our appearance. Signs of aging or lack of elasticity in this area can affect our overall image. The eye treatment is an anti-edema therapy with concurrent improvement of dark circles.

Through specialized massages in this specific area, the elimination of toxins and unnecessary fluids detrimental to the skin is promoted through the lymphatic system, which fully relieves the periorbital area and the bags caused by it. At the same time, the specialized massage of the area induces hyperemia, resulting in complete oxygenation of the area and the acquisition of whitening and radiance.

What does the Eye Treatment address to?

It is known that the modern lifestyle forces us to spend many hours in front of screens during the day, burdening our eyes. Such a treatment rejuvenates even the most tired and strained eyes, offering immediate relief, decongestion and radiance.

At Physiomed, you will enjoy this treatment for improving the appearance of the eye area by giving yourselves the opportunity for a stunning gaze!