What is the Essential Oil Massage?

At Physiomed, we offer aromatherapy massage, providing a complete experience of relaxation and well-being. During this treatment, a special blend of essential oils is used, exploiting their beneficial properties.

In this particular massage, the molecules of the essential oil are inhaled and absorbed through the skin, allowing the body to incorporate/absorb all their benefits. Essential oils positively affect specific parts of the brain which are associated with the sense of well being, offering mental and physical harmony.

What are the benefits of the essential oil massage??

This therapeutic experience combines the positive qualities of essential oils with the soothing movements of the massage, offering beneficial results on multiple levels.

  • ● Complete relaxation and stress relief
  • ● IConfrontation of anxiety, depression and insomnia
  • ● Relief from pain
  • ● Improvement of patient’s mood
  • ● Sense of health and well-being throughout the entire body