What is the Cupping Massage?

Discover the ancient practice of cupping massage, a therapeutic technique that has been used for centuries across various cultures. At Physiomed, we offer cupping massage to provide relief from pain, enhance musculoskeletal issues, reduce swelling, improve local blood circulation, and oxygenate deep tissues. Our specialized therapists utilize cupping massage to alleviate respiratory problems, such as cough, asthma and cold, while also offering soothing relief during menstrual pain.

What are the benefits of the Cupping Massage?

The benefits of the cupping massage extend beyond the health domain, as the suction power provides remarkable advantages for the skin, such as:

  • ●Activation of the lymphatic system, aiding in the breakdown of connective tissues which are responsible for cellulite formation, resulting in its reduction
  • ● Detoxification of the skin, which deeply cleanses it and promotes its complete rejuvenation and firmness
  • ● Improvement of skin conditions, like stretch marks, scars and spider veins
  • ● Reduction of edema and fluid retention from the body
  • ● Dissolution of chronic muscular tension, acting against pain
  • ● Increased blood circulation in the treated area due to the suction, assisting in muscle relaxation and cellular repair

Additionally, cupping massage offers beneficial support to your nervous system:

  • ● Deep relaxation and regular functioning
  • ● Removal of stagnant fluids and toxins, due to the vacuum and negative pressure created by the cups
  • ● Effective dissolution of adhesions(symphysis) within connective tissues
  • ● Muscle tension reduction
  • ● Relief and harmonious balance for the body

To summarize, cupping massage is a safe, gentle and cost-effective technique with applications in musculoskeletal pain, beauty and the overall well-being. If you seek for profound physical and mental relief, combined with substantial detoxification, then, this is the ideal therapy for you!