What is the Chocolate Therapy?

At Physiomed, we offer massage and wellness services which aim at relaxation and rejuvenation. Chocolate therapy is one of the most popular treatments, providing complete skin care centered around the benefits of chocolate, offering multiple beneficial outcomes. Essentially, it is a treatment that deeply hydrates, nourishes, relaxes, and promotes well-being.

The Nutritional Properties of Chocolate Therapy

Chocolate, and more particularly cocoa, contains elements, like minerals, vitamin B, and antioxidants. The pleasurable sensation of chocolate on the skin, combined with its rich natural scent, creates a relaxing and simultaneously exhilarating ambiance that
will fascinate you! Chocolate emits potent antioxidant properties, breaking down fats and aiding in the elimination of harmful toxins from our bodies. The skin is enriched with vitamin B and amino acids whereas it is protected against premature aging.

What are the benefits of the chocolate therapy?

● Iteradicates cellulite and tightens the skin
● Anyone can experience euphoria and complete relaxation
● It reduces anxiety and stress
● It stimulates blood circulation
● It improves leg varicose veins as well as various body edemas