What is the Chocolate Oil Massage?

Indulge yourselves in the ultimate luxurious therapeutic experience with the Chocolate Oil Massage at Physiomed, which is designed for deep relaxation and revitalization. This treatment, which is rich in therapeutic properties, deeply nourishes and hydrates the skin as well as it is combined with the delightful scent of chocolate that will mesmerize you.

During this session, our specially trained therapists will gently apply warm chocolate oil to your skin, using soft massage movements that are aimed at relieving tension and anxiety. This helps fortify the skin with amino acids and Vitamin B, protecting against premature aging and enhancing its elasticity.

What are the benefits of the Chocolate Oil Massage?

Choose this treatment to immerse yourselves in a unique massage experience, where the potent ingredients of chocolate work in harmony to deliver the best possible outcome! Beyond overall well-being, Chocolate Oil
Massage offers additional benefits, such as:

  • ● Antioxidant properties
  • ● Improvement of rough skin texture
  • ● Eradication of cellulite
  • ● Relaxation, revitalization, and stress reduction
  • ● Skin hydration and detoxification
  • ● Exfoliation to remove dead cells
  • ● The caffeine content in chocolate stimulates blood circulation