What is the Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is a therapeutic method that utilizes essential oils derived from extracts of fruits, leaves, flowers, woods, roots, and peels. These oils are quickly evaporated, targeting various parts of the brain with the aim of providing relief, improving health, and restoring inner balance.

With their therapeutic properties, these oils affect our mood and psychology, providing relief and essential relaxation to deal with stress, resulting in both physical and mental well-being. Choose the oil that suits you best and indulge yourselves in one of the best anxiety relieving treatments.

What are the benefits of the aromatherapy?

At Physiomed, you can discover and benefit from the healing properties of aromatherapy:

  • ● Elimination of anxiety, stress and insomnia
  • ● Relief from migraines and headaches
  • ● Hydration of the skin
  • ● Deep relaxation of the therapy receiver