What is the Orthosomic?

By the term “orthosomia,” we define the body’s ability to maintain an upright position without any sense of discomfort, regardless of its position. At Physiomed, we seek to provide specialized services in posture and physical exercise, which are essential for proper physical function and the acquisition of multiple therapeutic benefits.

Based on body strengthening exercises with mild intensity, orthosomia contributes to correct posture and movement. As it is known, the correct posture of the body is determined by proper balance which is maintained by the supporting muscles. Therefore, if there is a problem with any of these muscles, through orthosomia posture issues and pathological problems of the musculoskeletal system can be observed.

Who chooses the Orthosomatics?

Orthosomatics is focused on individuals who experience musculoskeletal problems or even those who want to prevent them. In the context of a demanding daily life, it is important to pay attention to the harmonious functioning of our body’s muscles, avoiding the negative effects of chronic pain and injuries.

At Physiomed, we are dedicated to providing high-quality therapeutic care with the aim of helping all individuals achieve ultimate well-being and optimal physical condition. Orthosomatics is the ideal choice for your body to face the challenges of daily life without suffering, strengthening it according to its individual needs.