What is the Medical EMS?

Physiomed offers the Medical EMS service (Electric Muscle Stimulation), a revolutionary therapy that activates targeted muscle groups using electrical stimulation. This is a safe treatment, commonly used in physiotherapy in order to aid in recovery and rehabilitation. By delivering controlled electrical currents to specific muscle groups, Medical EMS can assist in enhancing muscle strength, improving blood circulation, and achieving faster recovery.

Our team, which consists of specialized physiotherapists and trainers, are committed to helping you achieve your goals. Furthermore, Medical EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) intensifies the effectiveness of your training by engaging more muscle groups than conventional workout methods could do. This increased  activation leads to improved athletic performance.

How does Medical EMS work?

First, our experienced staff will perform a thorough assessment of your condition, taking into account your medical background information, specific needs, and goals. To get the benefits of Medical EMS, you’ll need to have require advanced equipment, including a tight, wet suit with electrodes. During the session, the physiotherapist or trainer will place the electrodes on the targeted muscles.

At Physiomed, we believe in a personalized approach to physical well-being. The session typically lasts around 20-40 minutes, and our specialized physiotherapists or trainers are continuously monitoring the frequencies and intensities, ensuring a comfortable and effective experience throughout. Our experienced team will be with you, monitoring your progress and adjusting the required settings.

What are the benefits of Medical EMS?

At Physiomed, our aim is to enhance your health by providing a personalized approach that maximizes your results. Medical EMS is an option for people of all ages, regardless of their physical condition, offering the following benefits:

  •  ● Fast recovery from musculoskeletal diseases. Whether you’re recovering from an injury or surgery, Medical EMS can help accelerate the rehabilitation process
  •  ● Pain relief
  •  ● Immediate improvement in strength and speed
  •  ● Body shaping by toning muscles, burning fat and improving metabolism
  •  ● Increased endurance
  •  ● Effective training supplement. It allows targeted muscle activation