What is the Clinical Yoga?

Clinical Yoga is a service offered by Physiomed that aims to improve body posture, balance, and mobility through slow and controlled movements and body awareness. This method requires equal strength, mobility, and stability of every body part. In a Clinical Yoga session, poses that are also found in regular yoga are applied. The difference lies in the fact that in Clinical Yoga, the exercises are applied and taught in a more therapeutic manner.

Who is Clinical Yoga for?

Each exercise is fully personalized and adapted to the body and needs of each individual patient. Clinical Yoga is suitable for a wide range of people, from beginners who want to start their practice but don’t know how, to those who seek the safety provided by a specialized professional.

What are the benefits of Clinical Yoga?

Clinical Yoga offers many benefits for the body and mind. Additionally, it significantly contributes to relieving:

  • ● Chronic fatigue
  • ● Fibromyalgia
  • ● Blood pressure issues
  • ● Depression and mental disorders
  • ● Inflammation
  • ● Chronic pain and muscular problems