What is Clinical Pilates?

The advancement of science has led to the creation of the method called Clinical Pilates, which represents a more therapeutic approach to traditional Pilates. This method combines dynamic muscle strengthening, improved flexibility, stability development, and control of breathing, with a focus on proper support of the spinal column. Clinical Pilates is used for treatment, injury rehabilitation, and improvement of body posture.

Clinical Pilates at Physiomed

This method is mainly carried out by physiotherapists who have obtained the necessary certifications and are adequately trained to handle each case. The physiotherapists and trainers at Physiomed are well acquainted with the Clinical Pilates method and effectively address the cases they undertake. In the physiotherapy department of Physiomed, the exercise program is tailored according to the abilities of the individual as well as the nature of their condition.

Who is for Clinical Pilates;

Clinical Pilates is a method that can be applied to individuals of all ages and regardless of their physical condition. It offers a holistic approach, whether you are seeking rehabilitation after an injury or aiming to improve your physical condition. There are cases where this method becomes essential for an individual’s recovery, as other treatment approaches may not be applicable.

The experienced staff at Physiomed provides all Clinical Pilates applications with targeted exercises and personalized attention, ensuring optimal results according to the patient’s needs.