Kinesitherapy at Physiomed

Here at Physiomed, we are well aware that machines are not enough for full rehabilitation from musculoskeletal conditions. Rehabilitation through exercise is very important, not just for the therapy, but also in order to prevent injuries and maintain the previously affected area in a good condition. Physiomed has educated trainers and physiotherapists specialized in therapeutic exercise, who create an exercise plan according to the patient’s condition and history. Each guest – patient follows the exercise regime in order to obtain the desired result, always under the guidance of physiotherapists and the supervision of a Physiomed doctor. At the same time, and depending on the exercise regime, our clients have the option of purchasing our company’s complementary fitness products and supplements which can boost treatment. Proper kinesiotherapy requires supervision from a specialist trainer or physiotherapist throughout the entire training session, and continuous monitoring of the execution of exercises during the client’s stay in the physiotherapy room.

This is why continuous research is advocating for supervised kinesiotherapy, rather than unsupervised training in gym groups, for better and faster results. Asides from choosing the right exercises, the successful outcome depends on the cooperation between the therapist and the patient. Building trust and motivating the patient to do the exercises on a regular basis is critical for the physiotherapist. In one-to-one kinesiotherapy, the therapeutic approach is that a weakened body can be restored in a holistic way. It is executed before pain threshold and without causing discomfort, at the same time offering relief from central and local problems. Through mild physical exercise, the patient is restored to his/her previous condition with respect to health and self-serving functions.

Physiomed acknowledges the uniqueness of every individual and offers personal training in order to maximize the restorative result. Every guest – patient has his/her own specialized regime which is the result of research, measurements and assessment, and enjoys the full attention and care of his/her trainer in order to achieve maximum result in the least amount of time.

Physiomed Kinesiotherapy Department offers the following types of exercise: