Kinesiotherapy at Physiomed

At Physiomed, we know very well that mechanical devices are not enough for the complete rehabilitation of musculoskeletal conditions. For this reason, we develop physiotherapy programs that are adapted to each individual’s condition and medical background, in order to accelerate the healing process and prevent injuries.

We provide experienced trainers and physiotherapists, specialized in therapeutic exercise for each patient. Physical activity is vital for treatment, which is always guides by the physiotherapists and under the supervision of Physiomed doctor. Each visitor/patient follows an exercise program to achieve the expected results. Additionally, in accordance with each patient’s exercise program, we also offer the opportunity to purchase exercising products and nurtitional supplements through our company, which enhance recovery and provide relief in the most effective way.

Proper physiotherapy is more than just simple exercises. It requires the supervising presence and continuous monitoring of a qualified trainer or physiotherapist from the beginning to the end of the treatment. Recent research has shown that the supervising physiotherapy brings about better and faster therapeutic results compared to uncontrolled and standardized exercises performed in group sessions in the gym area.

Our approach focuses, not only on selecting the appropiate exercises, but also on creating a collaborative relationship between the therapist and the patient. Bulding trust and motivating the patient to perform the exercises regularly are essential components for the physiotherapist.

Trough personalized physiotherapy, we follow a holostic approach for dealing with the week structure of your body, which is performed to the limits of pain tolerance of yourself, without feeling discomfort. By confronting both central and peripheral issues, our goal is to restore your previous state of health and autonomy. This is achieved through the integration of gentle physical exercise.

At Physiomed, we understand the needs of each individual. Our persomalizes programs help us achieve the maximal therapeutic results. Each guest – patient receives individual attention and care from our specialized professionals, who design a personal program based on scientific studies, measurements, and evalutions. This ensures that the best possible results are achieved in the shortest period of time.

Physiomed Kinesiotherapy Department offers the following types of exercise: